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My Son Has Two Fathers and I’m Scared of DNA

Hi Abena, I’m in a very difficult situation and I need your good advice and that of your followers. Please hide my identity and sorry for using a burner account to message you!

I’ve been married for 7 years with 2 kids. My husband is a medical doctor who now works in the UK and I’m a corporate woman here in Ghana. My husband was a family doctor in one of Ghana’s famous private clinics. And he was there until he left for the UK last year to practise as a doctor under UK NHS.

The problem is, my husband was sleeping with one of his clients’ wife. The man who registered his family at their clinic for family medicine somehow got to know his wife was having an affair with my husband and looked for me and found me. He showed me photos that his wife took with my husband including hotels they visited, etc.


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Till date, I didn’t know how he did it. He had so much evidence that could get him a divorce with his wife but he acted normal. He gave me an audio recorder to plant in my husband’s car because he knew I didn’t believe entirely everything he showed me so me too I did as he instructed out of curiosity. One Friday evening around 8pm, he called me and told me to meet him at a popular hotel in Dzorwulu and I also obliged as my husband told me he was going to an old school mate’s mums wake keeping in Abelenkpe.

When I got to the parking lot of the hotel, he showed me my husband’s car and told me he just arrived there with his wife. But he didn’t sound worried or disturbed. I was actually blaming myself for my husband’s promiscuous lifestyle simply because I failed to give him a child after 2 years of marriage. In my mind, since I failed to reproduce, maybe he’s looking for an alternative. Hmmm….

The man pulled out his phone and played an audio to me and that was the breaking point for both of us. In the audio, my husband was making out with his wife in his car in Achimota forest area and the lady was moaning and screaming to it. My husband (Doc) is very sexually active and despite his cheating, he comes home to give me sex almost every dawn and/or night. I was just imagining the styles he was doing in his car as we listened to the audio but one message broke me down that I’m a barren fool. And the man was also broken for the fact that his wife said my husband is a better fucker than her husband. Hmmm.

That was how the unthinkable happened. When the man heard that part, he quickly grabbed me and ate me like I was an ex that he missed for decades. He chopped me ankasa. Apparently, his wife never gave him sex since she started seeing my husband. I would call it rape and was feeling bad but I couldn’t tell my husband. After sleeping with him without a condom, I decided not to sleep with my husband for weeks to see his reaction…but he didn’t care.

Anytime he went out to see the other woman, the other man would call me and we’d also fuck in the car as they enjoy themselves in the hotel/guest houses. We did that for three good months until I got pregnant. I knew the pregnancy was for the other man and he also knew it was his. Since I’ve not had a child of my own, the thought of abortion did not even come to mind. I had mixed feelings! Yes, I was happy (for conceiving finally) but sad that the pregnancy wasn’t for the man I truly loved.

I gave birth and the other man called me and we did a DNA test and it came out positive that the child is truly his. My husband has been in his best moods since pregnancy till birth and he threw a very big outdooring party which the other man and wife even attended….that child is now 5 years old now.

I continued sleeping with the other man while my husband also slept with his wife until when I got pregnant for the second time. I didn’t tell the man about the second pregnancy and have since stopped everything I had with him. That baby was born in 2020. My husband thinks this is also his but it’s for the other man who doesn’t even know it’s his. How did I know? I did a DNA test using my husband’s samples and it turned out negative and I knew if not his, then it’s the other’s!

Long story short, my husband passed his exams and got his visa to practise in the UK last year. I was scared the UK embassy would do dna so I did everything to convince him for us to stay here while he goes to prepare for our coming to the UK later.

The problem now is, the other man is now threatening me for his child. He has three girls with his wife and our first child is a boy so he keeps saying now that my husband is not around, he wants to be in his son’s life! Whenever I disagree, he threatens to tell my inlaws or even our pastor. I’m now very scared. To make matters worse, my husband is also saying it’s either I resign from my job and move to the UK or we divorce and he takes his “children”.

These are the thoughts I’m having:

  1. Use the evidence I had from the other man about my husband cheating with his wife to file for divorce and claim the kids and the house in Ghana to myself or…
  2. Tell him the truth.
  3. Or just agree to my husband’s insistence on us moving to the UK and prepare for whatever the embassy would do in terms of DNA. Btw, does UK embassy do DNA for doctors in the UK who want to relocate their children and spouses? I’m not sure if this is compulsory.
  4. Or just poison all 3 of us to end it all.
  5. Or find people to eliminate the other man.

I used to be a very good girl until my husband brought this mess upon me. Now, I have to stand up for myself and my kids. Please help me🙏🏼🙏🏼

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Murder should not be an option at all. You are already in the mud so be bold and face it. The most important thing is at the end of the day you still have your kids. As for the murder thoughts please take it out.

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