My Son Called Him to Visit Us


Happy new year to the entire Mano family. I have 3 children. The 1st one was out of rape. I later got married and had the other 2. The marriage lasted for 6 years and crashed. I have been taking care of all the 3 single handedly for 9 years now because their father is irresponsible.

A year after the divorce, I took him to Social Welfare but he’ll always deliberately wear shorts and bathroom slippers there and tell them he’s not working. After some months, I stopped going because they couldn’t help me. I decided to work extra hard to cater for my children.

I do menial jobs to make ends meet. No family member supports us. No calls, no visits. Our rent is even due and God is my only hope. After 9 years of this struggle, the eldest of the 2, who’s now 14 (boy) took their father’s number from my phone and called him. Hmmm. I really got angry but tried to control myself.

He spoke at length with them, asked them where we stay now and promised to visit them soon. He also asked them to send a picture of themselves and promised them heaven on earth. I got disappointed in my son. I wept secretly. I feel hurt but he’s my son, they’re my children. The people for which I’ve sacrificed all my life. ????????????

Family please advise me. Should I allow him visit us? Should I welcome him into the children’s life? Or should I call him and blast him or question him? Should I send them away to go stay with him which I know their lives will be basaa because he’s wicked and irresponsible. The more I think about it, the more I start to hate my son. Please help me. I’m already sick????

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Written by Abena Magis

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