My Soldier Man Swore on His Life But Lied


Good evening. My story ??is long but please post for me. Please I want you and your followers to help me out with this. I have been going out with a soldier for a year now.

Everything was going on well till I visited him in the camp though I always visit him but, one day when I visited him, I decided to go and have a walk around the camp. He’d gone to Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Accra to repair his phone. As i was going round, I met another soldier who happened to be my facebook friend. He asked me what I was doing there and I told him I came there to visit my boyfriend. He asked who my boyfriend was and i told him his name

Fortunately, he knew my boyfriend because they are mates, we exchanged numbers and departed. As we started chatting on whatsapp, my facebook friend asked me how long I have been going out with my guy and I told him it’s been a year now. Auntie Abena my friend was surprised and asked me if I was sure of what I was saying and I said yes, I was very sure paa. I went ahead and asked my friend why.

To my surprise, the guy told me he knew my boyfriend’s serious girlfriend who’s a police woman and that they had been going out for about 3 years. They were even planning to get married in no time. What!! ?? Auntie Abena I wish you were there to see how I was shaking.
I didn’t believe it because my boyfriend treats me very well and he’s a nice person to be with. Also he hadn’t given me any reason to think about something like that oo hmmm

At first I didn’t want to ask him because I am the type of a lady who doesn’t like listening to hear say but this matter was eating me up anytime i remembered what my friend told me. I decided to ask him and listen to what he got to say. When I confronted him, he told me it’s never true he’s dating that policewoman. That they are just friends and there’s not like a serious relationship between them. I was still insisting that he’s lying so he should tell me the truth but my boyfriend went ahead to swear on his life that he’s not dating that policewoman. From there, I believed him because of the good treatment he was given me

Auntie Abena, I visited my him yesterday and a call came up on his phone (he was taking his bath) and to my surprise my guy has gridded his picture together with a policewoman of which i didn’t know if she was the one my facebook friend told me about. He had even saved her name as Bae.

I quickly went out to call my Facebook friend to ask him if he could send me a picture of the policewoman he told me about. He told me he didn’t have her pictures on his phone but he’s friends with her on facebook so i should go and search for her of which he gave me the Police woman’s name

Hmmm?? auntie Abena could you believe that it was the same Police woman who my boyfriend denied and even swore on his life that he has nothing to do with her?
Eii men (Soldiers) if you don’t fear them erh

My problem now is, should I ask my boyfriend or I should ask the Police woman on messenger though I am not a friend of hers on Facebook or I should forget my boyfriend and move on with my life. Please I need advice from you and your followers on what to do.

NOTE: I took a picture from my boyfriend’s phone when the call came just in case i ask him and he denies it. What pains me most is, I am not the demanding type of a lady because I am financially stable and a hard working lady as well. I do respect my guy to the extent that I don’t hide anything from him so why why why why??????? God my heart is broken ??
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Written by Abena Magis

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