My Sister’s Boss


Please I need your help on what to do.
I have a little sister who completed SHS last year. She did pass her WASSCE but because of financial problem, I have decided to let her work small to assist me so she can continue with schooling. She wants to be a mid- wife.

Recently she has been complaining to me about her boss trying to take advantage of her. The man in question is married with kids. Last Friday she came to complain to me again that the man is telling her she needs to break her virginity so her eyes can open. And when she does that she needs someone older like him her boss. That he will be patient with her as young guys will mess up with her.

He keeps telling her not to tell me knowing very well the relationship between me and my kid sis (I created a friendly atmosphere between us) so she’s always free with me which the man is aware. So he keeps telling her not to tell me because I’m not supposed to know everything about her.
My sister has done her bit by informing me so it’s up to me help her out. Please kindly help me out.

And I must acknowledge your good works on the Manokekame page. I’m a top fan.
Thank you and God bless you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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