My Sister Rotted after Being Raped


I just read the story of a sister who visited her online boyfriend, was raped and now hospitalized. I want to share a experience about my late sister. I was at 7 years old and had an elder sister who was almost 18 years. She used to run from the house and go to an unknown location to stay for about a week or 2 and return.

My mom n elder brothers did whatever the could to stop her from her bad actions but to no avail. She still continued. We were home one day (this was in the year 2002) when someone came to inform my mum that, my sister had been rushed to the Tema General.

My mom went with me (she always travelled with me then because I was young). When we got there, she was paralyzed and couldn’t stand nor sit. Her vagina and buttocks were so rotten that you could see the waist bone and hip bone.

She suffered for two years before dying. We moved through most for the big hospitals in GH and even had support from white people, NGO’s came to her aid, Maame Dokono (the veteran actress), Metro TV, etc came to our aid but all to no avail.

According to her, she was raped by some men and was locked in a room for several weeks. Back then, there was no mobile phones like we use them now.

Please ladies, let’s desist from visiting people we don’t know. This world is full of wicked people.

Written by Abena Magis

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