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My Sister is Pregnant and I Want the Baby


I’m so confused and need advice from the Manofans because of this issue. My husband is 7 years my senior and after 4 years of marriage I have no child for him. He had 2 children before we married and they are 15 and 13 years now, living with their mother but come to us to spend the long vacation from time to time.

My only sister who is my backborn finished school last year and was at home but giving my mother problems with her always chasing after guys that the whole family sat down and decided she will come and stay with me to help me manage my salon. I made her do a short makeup and nail techniques course and she’s really doing well. Hmm

She went to visit our mother last month and when she came back, my mother called to ask me if I know who got her pregnant. I was surprised because this girl lives with me but I never suspected anything. When I asked, this girl told me it’s not true but after pushing her, she said maybe. I had to force and take her to a hospital to confirm last week and she’s 7 weeks pregnant.

She didn’t want to tell me who is responsible until our mother came over last weekend. Then my sister told her to beg me for keeping a secret from me. Her baby is for my husband. I’m shocked because in the house they only do greetings and don’t relate like brother in law and sister in law. My husband is the busy type and when he comes home, after eating, goes inside and you won’t see him out unless the next morning.

She said they had sex only once when I traveled and they’ve talked about abortion. Auntie Abena I don’t want that abortion. I want her to give birth and give me the child but I don’t know why they’re all telling me it’s not a good idea. I’m angry and hurt but this is an innocent baby.

I don’t have a baby of my own so I’m ready to be the mother but my mother is saying my sister in some years to come can create problems. It’s a chance I’m willing to take but both my husband and her want an abortion. Am I wrong to ask for the baby? Please post for me and let me know so that I can read comments. Thank you.

Written by Abena Magis

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