My Sister Doesn’t Want To Leave This Guy.


Help me help my sister. She and her boyfriend parted ways for 2years because he thinks my sister is cheating on him because he is in another region. Someway somehow they are back together. During the break he got a new girlfriend and my sister found a sakora guy l didn’t trust one bit.

He told my sister he wasn’t working so my sister was supporting financially until he got a new job and boom, all of a sudden his ex returned. First he claimed she was a friend and when my sister found there was more to the friendship, he said she was his ex and that the girl really helped him. So he can’t let her go and that she needs to enjoy. When my sister asked what about their relationship, he said he loved them both so he is keeping them both. So my sister bowed out of the relationship.

That’s how come she found herself accepting her ex boyfriend back who has been begging for their comeback for almost a year and half. Abena, the issue here is my sister recieved a call from her ex, the sakora guy that his girlfriend is pregnant and that he thinks my sister’s boyfriend is responsible. Then my sister asked how? The sakora guy knows my sister’s boyfriend because my sister told him about her ex but the boyfriend doesn’t know the sakora guy.

When my sister and her boyfriend separated 2years ago, the lady he moved on with, who was a newly recruited nurse to the region happened to be the sakora guys ex and now pregnant girlfriend. He found out that the girl is now pregnant and calculating their first intimacy after the comeback, he doesn’t think he is responsible.

All along,  the sakora guy has been begging the nurse to come back to him while he was with my sister. And the nurse returned to him because she found out that the boyfriend was still talking and begging his ex who is my sister. So they fought over the issue and the relationship ended and that’s how she also returned to the sakora guy.

My sister is devastated and told me her plight but l don’t know what to tell her. What even broke her is that they all knew along the line so she wouldn’t have known if not for the pregnancy issue. Me, l told her to end the relationship but she says she loved him and even when they separated she still had some feelings for him that’s why she do pick his call.

Marriage plans are underway and she doesn’t know what to do..I know she would be reading as she is your fan. Kindly let your fans help her and don’t show my identity.

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