My Sick Dad Drove Us Out of His Room


Good day Aunty Abena.
Trust you doing well.
In response to taking care of our fathers, here’s mine. This thing hurts so much as I’m typing ??? I’m 32 years but my dad doesn’t talk to me, my senior bro and my backborn all because of the hatred he has for my mum.

This was a couple that struggled to build a single room for themselves as well as two shops o yet my dad has kept all to himself. My mom has just refused to be bothered by what he’s doing. Just about some time ago when my mom was selling in one of the shops, I managed to get some money to fill the shop with goods for her to use some for her upkeep when I don’t get enough to send her.

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Could you believe that my father would unlock the shop when everyone is asleep at night, take what he likes including money and leave the shop unlocked till next morning. He once spoiled all the locks just like that and also went for juju to get my mum’s leg swollen. Because of that, she couldn’t do anything and spent every dime she got from the sales so she stopped selling and vacated there which was exactly what my father wanted. I am not working to get money to give her mpo but we cool.

Just recently, one of my uncles asked me the relationship between dad and I and told him, “wofa (uncle), this man doesn’t talk to me.” He listened to my side of the story went to talk to him but still my father continued with his attitude. My uncle asked me to go and make peace with him but he drove me out and told me he doesn’t need me. When I’m passing by him and I greet him, he refuses to respond.

About two months ago, I got a call from my bro that my dad is sick so I should come around. I went there and when he was able to recognized us, he sacked us out even though as he was seriously sick o. This sickness incidence has happened twice so I’ve vowed not to step foot there. As at now that I’m typing he’s sick in his room alone and has no one to fetch water for him to bath, unless he crawls to come outside before he will get someone to send.

My senior bro and I are there that we can at least buy Koko (porridge) for him to take every morning but he’s not getting it.
Note his family are aware of everything going on. They’ve tried talking to m over this yet he pays deaf ears because he’s angry with our mother.

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Written by Abena Magis

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