My Roman Father Doesn’t Want to Attend the Naming Ceremony


Thank you for the good works. God richly bless you. There’s this issue bothering me and I want your audience to help me decide on what to do.

I’m dating a Roman Father, and he’s everything I need in a man,(caring, passionate and makes me feel like a woman). Auntie Abena I got pregnant for him and I’ve delivered now but here’s the case he said he can’t attend his baby’s naming ceremony because of his personality.

Auntie Abena, he takes good care of his baby but just his presence at the ceremony has become something else. I told him if he doesn’t come then l’m not gonna name the child and he won’t get the chance to see him again. An l being too hard on him? Please advice me.

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My Ex Asked Me to Teach Her Man How to Handle Her

What would you do if your ex begged you to teach her guy how to handle her? According to Twitter personality @IzzatElKhawaja his ex called with a weird request: she wanted him to teach her current boyfriend how to handle her. He obliged.

Groom Told His Wife He Didn’t Have Legs on Their Wedding Day

An amputee simply identified as Ndayisenga shocked his bride to be with a revelation: he didn’t have legs. 

Ndayisenga had waited after 2 years of dating to disclose to his bride that he was a physically challenged man but his fears didn’t come to pass as his bride forgave him and went ahead with the wedding. 

Sharing his story on Afrimax TV, he narrated that his wife, Deborah, was shocked to the core, yet she proceeded with the wedding after assuring him they would work things out. She had had no idea of his predicament whatsoever as they were never intimate, in fulfillment of keeping themselves pure till marriage.

Recounting how he became disabled, Ndayisenga said he was amputated from the knee after he was a victim in a bomb explosion. As a result, people from his village bullied him over his condition, and taunted him no woman would ever accept to marry him due to his condition.

He, however, knew Deborah was the one for him when they met for the first time during a singing competition. Fearing rejection, he kept his secret away from her but decided to tell her the truth before she agreed to be his wife. 

Deborah, during the interview, stated that Ndayisenga is the best husband and she will always be on his side. She also promised to ensure that he forgets his childhood trauma and the constant bullying he passes through.

They have been married for eight months and they insist that their union is the best thing that has ever happened in their lives.


Written by Abena Magis

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