My Relationships Don’t Work.


Sister Abena please I extend my warmest greetings to you and your family… am just a little man of 22.
Have dated not less than 10 ladies as at this young stage…

My last relationship ended some few months after secondary school with a girl I really loved with all my heart. When we met she told me she was a virgin and truely the first day we had sex, a lot of blood popped out from her womanhood. I never thought we could break up because I learnt when you break a girl’s virginity there is no way she could go away from you.

We had sex everywhere on campus even around the dinning hall and canteen. I never knew this girl was cheating on me. When I found out and approached her she couldn’t tell me anything better and the relationship ended… I got confused whether am truely the one who broke her virginity or not…

Now the problem is since that girl left my life about two years ago have been in three different relationships but it all didn’t work. The farthest it has gone is about a month and after that the relationship breaks… Now am confused if the girl did something spiritual to me or something is wrong with my life.

Am currently in a relationship but troubles and fights everyday and it looks like it’s ending soon … Am afraid I might not find love again… Please tell me what to do.

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