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Please I want to clarify some issue here. I’m the Douglas guy the lady mentioned in her post. I’m a business minded person because I couldn’t continue after SHS so take my English like that. I dated my ex for 5 years. This girl was very good to me so I trusted her very easily though she was from a very poor home. So after 2 years of dating I opened up a mobile money business and also added phone accessories to it making it a perfect combination for her.

This girl chopped all the money I invested, telling me she made more wrong transactions and so on. I said OK. Not knowing she was giving the money to her parents, I confronted her and she told me she can’t see her parents sleeping hungry. I said ok so now I wanted to help her enter a fashion school, she said OK.I spend GHS2000 there alone.

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NOTE: This girl cheated on me three times in 5 years so I never went for the Knocking. I quit the relationship last year November. She brought all her family elders but I didn’t listen to her, she cried till she became lingilingi (very thin) ?

So finally, I met this lady on this noble platform 4 months ago as she stated. We started talking on phone till we finally met. There naaa na my ex started calling. eiiiii! ? My lady got angry and told me not to entertain her anymore, I said ok so I blocked her everywhere. Since then I’ve never hear from her again. Michelle please I love you ❤ and I appreciate you a lot. There’s nothing going on with me and my ex. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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