My Pre-SHS Student is in Love with Me

Please I have been following you for the past week and have been enjoying the topics and the comments by your fans. There is this issue about a student of mine I want you to share for me and welcome comments from your Manofans please.
There is a girl who just completed JHS. She was my student and I was her class teacher. She really showed interest in me which made me very uncomfortable. As a teacher I am very friendly, kind of caring and humble so almost all my students felt happy to be in my class.
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I don’t know how this girl got my number because along the line, she started chatting me with words like “you are a cute guy,” “you are handsome,” and “the best friend I have ever had.” She would then ask me what I also have to tell her or feel for her which I didn’t. I just maintained being friendly.
The main issue is, one of her class mates was a friend to me. I just liked the girl and this first girl went to chat with her about me. The classmate told her I am her best friend, and this girl came to confront me to see if it’s true. I told her it’s true. Auntie Abena my student called me after that started crying a lot on phone. She asked me why I did that to her and felt bitter a lot.
What is shocking me about this whole thing is that I have never told her of being in love with her or wanting to date her. She was so angry with me that she told me she won’t talk to me again until I stop being friends with her class mate. I refused to because her class mate hasn’t done anything to me to deserve it. Truly, this girl stopped talking to me till she completed. I tried to talk to her on several occasions but she always ignored me and the friend.
Abena, after she completed, I thought this was over but this girl has started pre-SHS classes in our school and has become my student again. She started talking to me and we are friends now. I took it upon myself to ask her one day if she loves me. She said yes, she does love me and wants to be my girlfriend. Auntie Abena I am confused because I don’t know what has made this girl to develop such a great love for me. I know I’m a cool young guy but is a beautiful girl who can date anyone. It’s the teacher and student issue I don’t like.
I also want to know how to turn her down without becoming her enemy like the first time. Please I want your fans to advice me. I’m willing to accept any wrong action I might have done please. Thank you

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Boss I’m a teacher and I see these students professing love as a norm and at times their mum helps too but you have to put a line that you shouldn’t cross, imagine if you had an affair with her, how would the school authority take it, how will you explain to others that your girlfriend was once your student and how will parents trust their matured daughters on your care? Those are things I consider also, so boss the best thing you can do now is to give her a time frame (maybe 5-6 years) and an ultimatum that will enable her to become your girlfriend and by then she would have gotten someone, it works most times

  2. OK, she is a kid and lack a lot of stuffs about relationship which you ought to teach her everything..
    You can go on with platonic stuffs with her and groom her, never think of making any sexual intimate her.
    Continue with that platonic thing or communication stuffs, give her some years (5/6)to grow well and Bro, never will you regret on grooming her. Cuz you such an influencer in her life.

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