My Pecker isn’t Peckering


I need to cure my erectile dysfunction now and forever. Please can any of your beloved audience tell me how?

I have tried everything – I go for a fast walk every day, doing at least 10,000 steps a day (gyms are closed in my country). I eat healthily, including high protein, fruit and veg, melons with citrulline which is meant to be a ‘natural viagra’. I tried supplements like maca, horny goats weed and ZMA with zinc and magnesium. I get 8 hours of sleep. I have tried Nofap. I haven’t watched porn in years.

Here’s the kicker: I’m 26 years old and haven’t had so much as a morning wood in my entire 20’s. People tell me I’m good looking and say I’m the type of person that probably has women all around me. But little do they know that MY LIL PECKER WON’T BECOME A BIG PECKER!!! Nobody wants to see that.

Please your beloved audience should please help me. My relationship is dying so fast Madam.

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Written by Abena Magis

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