My Pastor Friend Doesn’t Want to Hear No


I want you and your audience to help me out with an issue and tell me if I’m right or wrong. It all started from last year. I went to do my attachment in a hospital and I became friends with a guy over there who had even completed his national service but was still working anyway.

He is an ordained pastor who doesn’t want to have anything doing with ladies but he liked me anyway. Firstly because, I’m cool and my dad is also a pastor so he got closer to me and even met my dad in the process. Hmm. This guy got so close to me which I didn’t like at all but I couldn’t tell him to stay back anyway. He started buying me gifts here and there, calling every now and then.

I even intentionally ignored his calls for like a week and he will come to my house and ask why I have not been picking up his calls. In fact, I started developing hatred for him because I felt he was suffocating me. He is not my type of man at all to be frank. I hate his appearance and I think he dresses the way he does because he is a virgin. Auntie Abena, do you know that this guy confronted my mum and discussed with her that he wanna marry me, without informing me first? I got very angry when my mom told me. She told me that I should tell him I’m not interested but I told her, not until he tells me directly, I ain’t gonna confront him. I’ll still behave as if I’ve not seen anything.

Hmm. Last week Sunday, I decided to ask him certain questions, he got angry and started calling me all sort of names.
Since Sunday auntie. I’m even scared to sleep because the kind of dreams I’ve been having are scary. Please judge for me if I’m wrong and I won’t hesitate to apologize to him.

Written by Abena Magis

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