My Parents are Forcing Me to Marry Him


Good morning to you and your family. Please I want your fans to help me out on this. My parents are forcing me to marry my fiance but I don’t want to do it. My first time posting here though

I was a trader by the roadside where I used to sell apples for a living.

One day a young man came and proposed to me and I accepted. I’m an SHS graduate and he wanted to help me. He bought UCC distance education forms for me because he’s a lecturer in one of the private universities in Ghana. I’m in my third year all through his financial support. We have prepared everything for our marriage in the midst of this month but I don’t think I can continue now.

What’s the issue

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My best friend was caught in a hotel with my fiance. She vehemently denied that it wasn’t true. I confronted him and he confessed that it’s true. I didn’t see them. It’s another friend of mine who saw them and called to inform me.

I asked my fiance why he cheated on me with my friend and he said they dated years back. Yet, none of them bothered to tell me about it. That means that day wasn’t the first time he’s cheated with her.

I went to tell my parents all these. I don’t want to marry him again and want to cancel the wedding. Can you believe my parents insisted I should marry him? They’re saying after the marriage, they’ll find any means to break it up.

For now, because he has helped me a lot I should appreciate him by marrying him. I’m so down that I can’t even eat. I’m losing weight. Please what should I do? Help me out. Thank you


Written by Abena Magis

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