My Parents Are Against My Land Guard Boyfriend.


Hello Antie Abena… I’m in a very delicate situation now and I would like you and the to family to help me. Please keep me anonymous and notify after posting.

I am a young lady and there is this guy I have been very close to for about 9 years. We have been friends for a long time and I can say for a fact that he’s the best. He has been very helpful and understands me very well. And truly, I would love to spend the rest of my life with him but the problem here is my parents.

They don’t like the idea of us being together with claims that he’s just a land guard. This guy is very different from the person they see, his focus is always on how to make a better place for his family. He always talks about the future, very hard-working and also very thoughtful.

I tried convincing my parents of how good he is and how well he treats me but they brought another issue up that he’s an illiterate and I am going to regret if a graduate like me gets involved with an illiterate. Honestly I don’t see that to be a problem cos this guy knew me even before I started senior high, and through the University.

He’s also willing to learn new things when I talked to him about education. My parents are not in support of our relationship and it really hurts me because my same parents used to like this guy very much and it was even through them that I got to know the guy. Now they are saying they don’t want him as an in law because he’s an illiterate.

The last time I talked to my mom about him, she sounded tribalistic and went ahead to say if I agree to marry him, I shouldn’t see her as my mom again. This guy has really helped me ooo…. He understands every bit of me and it’s soo amazing how he cares about me and my fam especially my mom.

Please help me with your advice, what do I do to convince my parents to at least consider his efforts because he’s a good person??

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