My Own Wife is Pushing Me to Cheat


You’re a woman just like my wife so let me ask you, what do you women want? My wife as a woman has never lacked from the very beginning of the relationship. I pride myself in being a provider but I still like to be surprised with gifts. I realized she wasn’t that type of person unless I push her to do it. Using my own money to buy me gifts didn’t interest me so I dropped the idea and stopped complaining. With this I was still providing, I’ve paid fees for 3 years before together with hostel, weekly allowance, furniture etc. I’ve bought cars for her every 2 years and converted the old ones to Uber to work for her because I wanted her to independent and not have to ask me for money. Even with that, I still give her an allowance and pay for huge shopping bills.

Talk about trips to wherever. She likes bragging about those trips and it’s a joy to provide that for her and I pride myself in knowing I’ve provided a good home for my wife and our son. I do all these auntie Abena without complaining and will still do more but why do I have to beg before I can have sex? On my birthday last year I was so turned on with her dressing that it was hard driving home because I was very hard. I knelt down before her and begged for almost 30 minutes and her question was, “is it by force to have sex with you just because it’s your birthday?” I got fed up and went to sleep like that.

After how many months of this lifestyle, I told her I’m done and want sex whether she likes it or not and she’s pushing me to take a girlfriend. Her own words she put to me, “it’s not that I don’t want to give in but sex is not my thing. If you want to go for a girlfriend you are free to just not with any of my friends.” I asked her if she’s serious and she repeated it again. I asked her yesterday if she’s sure and she asked me sarcastically, “was there water in my mouth when I told you that?”

Auntie Abena, my problem is I’m not that type of guy to have multiple women and I know myself, if I start, it won’t be with one woman. I’ll sleep with so many women and do it openly because to me she doesn’t care whom I sleep with so long as they are not her friends. I’ll bring them home because it’s my house, I built it with my own money. I will let them drive my cars bought with my own money and fly them outside too.

It’s not that I have kept this to myself. Everyone I know has talked to her but she refuses to change and I’m fed up with telling different people about my struggles in my marital home. I want her to read this to know that I’ve changed because of her and she shouldn’t complain if somebody takes over. I’ve done everything to make her happy and if cheating on her will make her happy then so be it. My only problem is, doesn’t this mean she never loved me?

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Pls don’t listen to wateva she said… sit her down n ask if she needs divorce so u do it peacefully rather than going to follow wat she said. Remember some women can bring yr destiny down n STIs aa real to.

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