My Own Father Wants To Sleep With Me.


Dear Aunty Abena, It is with great sadness that I write this to you. I’m 20 years, living with my parents and my daddy is very wealthy. It’s quite unfortunate that my dad loves the boys more than the girls and that, he always says. We are 3 girls and 5 boys.

Because of this dislike, he didn’t send my big sisters to school but all my five brothers are in school. I completed shs 2018 but he’s refusing to help me further my education. I did menial jobs and enrolled in ICAG currently in level two and even with that paying of tuition was difficult…

I had to do personal study to write the exams. I spoke to my dad about going to the university this year since getting a degree is very important to me. He came to my room last night and told me he’ll help me further my education only on one condition; “unless he has sex with me” This has left me heartbroken and still wondering how my biological dad could do this to me.

A lot of thoughts keeps running through my mind. There is no way I can do this horrible thing… In fact I’ll without hesitation choose death than sleep with my own dad or any other person for money but when I look around, help is coming from no where.

My sisters are not financially stable and mum is not working either due to her health. I’m working but not earning enough. I use all my salary as fare to the workplace and to fend for myself since my dad stopped taking care of me when I completed senior high.

Sometimes buying food is difficult. I have to resort to taking in ¢1.20 drinks daily. Aunty, if committing suicide was not a sin, I would have done it long time ago. I’m just sick and tired of this world.

Please, I want advice from your members and anyone who has gone through such situation before… How did the person get over it?

Thank you very much!

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  1. Hello Dear,The Only Thing I can say now is that since going to school is what u want its good.But why dont u work or get a skill see school is always there abd even now u can take courses online so I think the best to do is to focus on working or getting a skill now and if u still want to pursue a degree u can register online at University of the people its an american online university and u can school online from time to time over there payments are also very affordable and some courses are free to take and ur certificate will be sent to u after u are done with your course and the best part is they are accredited worldwide so theor certificate is genuine…so u can be working or getting a skill whiles schooling online thats a kind suggestion

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