My Ordeal at the Hands of the Police


My name is Eric Clinton Kwame Asiedu. Was I wrong asking the police officer  below questions and is it right for a police officer to seize my ignition key forcefully  and handcuff me based on the law?

This country is sick. Is the Ghana Police Service, the  MTTD department using a different law for motorists? Today I was pulled over by one corporal Lovia of the Kaneshie MTTD , she requested for my Driver’s License which I gave out. She then said I had not done my first renewal  which was due in October, 2020 which I agreed.

Note that my driver’s license hadn’t expired. The actual expired date on my driver’s license is October 2024. She then asked me to follow her to the police station  which I complied. When we got to the station, she handed the  case to her boss. I  asked the station manager’s name and badge number but she refused. She then asked me to hand over my car keys. I replied that I will not release my ignition  key until:

1. She tells me her name and badge number

2. Quote the law to me that allows a police officer to seize my car keys  because there’s no law like that and she doesn’t have the right to seize my keys

She then said if I am not going to release the car  key then they will force me to release it. I was there arguing on the law with them to tell me where it is written that a police officer can seize my  ignition  keys for road traffic violation. There were 7 police officers including their boss in the office arguing with me without telling me  the L.I of their own traffic regulations act which states that when you’re pulled over by a police officer he or she has the right to seize your keys.

And before I could realize , 5 police officers pounced on me, held my hand forcefully and handcuffed me as if I was a criminal ??. I then placed a call to a  respected counsel to find out from him if it is right for a police officer to seize my ignition key and put me in handcuffs for not renewing my license ?

He asked me to give the phone to one of the officers who forcefully handcuffed me, one Corporal Ignatius.  I gave it to him and asked him to put it on loud speaker which he did. The police told them lawyer that I was  rude to them. Rude in what sense, for asking questions? But I was shocked at what  counsel said to the police officer.

He said and I quote “Corporal, sometimes they think we can help them. He shouldn’t have argued with you guys. He could have just found some 20 cedis for you guys.” Then he started narrating how he was once pulled  over  by a police for some documents and blah blah blah. I was just disappointed in him as a respected Lawyer.

My goodness, counsel I was not asking for help. I only wanted education on the  illegal action by the police against me, in terms of the forceful seizure of my keys and being handcuffed. I then had to call someone to text me the Kaneshie  District Divisional Commander’ s number, ACP Faakye, the overall boss to call him and explain to him before he asked me to apologize  to the. That he will call the station manager to remove the handcuff and handover my keys and license .

What kinda training does the police go through? 

This country is sick !!!

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Written by Abena Magis

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