My One Night Stand


I hope you’re doing well. I need some advice from your people after I had a one night stand with a lady under the influence of alcohol. Unfortunately for me, I’m not the type who can control my libido.

Before we had sex her I made her understand I had a woman I was going out with. But she never respected that and had her chance with me. I’m to blame for that.

After the whole sex she started showing interest in me. I told her I wasn’t interested because it was just a one night stand.
She started acting all caring but I still didn’t want to give in.

Later I found out she had gotten pregnant for me. She also had twins which I didn’t know until then. I wasn’t ready for the whole pregnancy thing because I had plans with the woman I’m with. I took responsibility for the pregnancy. Though it had to be kept as a secret.

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That’s what I wanted but little did I know the pregnant lady wanted more of me. I wanted to give her money for abortion but she refused it. She wanted to hold me down all in the name of if she aborts it, she wouldn’t ’t have anything to remind her of me.

Now she fully wanted to come into my life. From coming to my church to report the issue to my pastor and finding means and ways to report to people at my workplace. My reputation was at stack. Later my woman found out. All hell broke loose but she never gave up on me.

The pregnant lady wants me to have sex with her
The way she wants attention is very bad. Not like I’ve abandoned her oo but the way this girl is behaving is bad. She knows I want to protect my reputation so she wants to do everything to ruin my relationship and me as well. The funny thing is the kids she has, their dad left her and now the coming one too is mine.

Due to her behavior I just want to ignore her. I sent her money even with her bad behavior. Can you imagine that she is almost due and up to now I have no knowledge of how much it will cost for delivery? She sells nudes for money and has other sugar men but I’m a cool guy so she wants to come into my life and ruin me. Accra we dey.

There are kids on the street without fathers but I’m here helping and she wants to make my life hell. I don’t know what to do now. Should I ignore her? The other kids aren’t mine but I went there the last time and they addressed me as dada.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I seriously think, you should take up responsibilities of the children. Fine, she may have a bad character buh that has nothing to do with you being the father of the kids. Make plans for the kids future.

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