My Neighbor Appears in My Dreams


Good morning evening to you and your followers.

I have put myself into a big trouble that my neighbor has started appearing in my dreams.

I have a friend. One day, he came to pay me a visit me. He saw a beautiful lady sweeping and singing. I was unaware he was observing her until he started asking me questions about her.

The first question he asked was if she was married or single. I replied by saying she’s married to one of neighbours and they’ve two kids. In fact, my friend was shocked about hearing she is married with two kids.

After the reply I gave him, I saw changes in my friend. I also started asking him questions Ilike “have you seen her somewhere before?” and he said

“Yes. There is a guy in my house who has sleeping with her every Saturday morning to evening.”

I was like, “naaa. Sister Gina can’t do that.”

He tried to convince me and even told me to inform her husband but I said no. Unless I see it with my naked eyes. I refused to believe him.

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Three days later was Saturday. My friend called me to come and see what he was talking about. I took a motor bike to his place which is 30 minutes away from my town. Hmm I arrived there safely.

We went and stand at the back of the window where I clearly heard sister Gina’s voice insulting her husband about his poor performance on bed. She was talking to her lover in his room. A few minutes later he started touching her. We saw him removing and undressing her.

We left there when they started doing it.

Auntie Abena, to avoid becoming a third person, I decided not to tell anyone about it.

But my main problem is after I saw everything about sister Gina, my neighbor has started appearing In my dreams. It’s been 9 days now and I have seen him in my dreams more than 4 times. I don’t know how to tell him or if I should tell him about his wife.


Written by Abena Magis

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