My Muslim Dad Says No to My Christian Wedding


I sent you a story on 30th September about an issue. Let me resend it.

30th September

I am a lady and was a Muslim but I converted to become a Christia though both of my parents are Muslim. My dad had a problem with my being a Christian but I was later left to my fate. Now the issue is that 6 months ago, a guy who wants to marry me came to meet my dad who told us to pray about it.

For 6 months, I kept asking my dad about the marriage preparation but he never gave me any reason. All he sa is I should get a better job first. Meanwhile I have a job. Last night I asked him again and he said he doesn’t know how to tell his family about me getting married to a non-Muslim (I also don’t pray)

So he said if I can, I should go and tell his brothers and sisters my intention. I said ok.

22nd November

G-Money Ghana

Please I went about a month and some days ago to break the news of my impending marriage to one of my aunties. She said she will tell the rest of her siblings (my uncles and aunties) so they discuss it. She told me to call her occassionally to remind her.

I waited for like a week and called to follow up. Their feedback was a) they can’t decide for me and b) I have the right to choose my religion since I’m above 18. But should I have the wedding, they can’t attend it because Muslims are not supposed to enter churches with their veil.

I was ok with their decision because they attending wasn’t my idea anyway. Now I asked my dad that since his siblings won’t come, what should we do. He said since they are not coming, he also can’t. This has kept thinking a lot.

Moreover all preparation towards the ceremony has been done. We’ve bought everything for the wedding so I don’t know how to break this news to my fiance because I might break my own self.

Please I want you and your fans to help me in case there is a body that deals with issues like this because I might kill myself of this should not happen. I’m dying slowly. Please help a sister.

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Written by Abena Magis

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