My Mum’s Boyfriend Tried to Rape Me


Some men are wicked and I don’t know what some women see in them. My father abandoned us at a young age of 4 with my brother being just 2 years. He’s avoided paying our school fees over the years so my mum has been bringing different men home.

Some of them have been good to us but they leave after some time without marrying my mother. She met this man last year but wasn’t bringing him home though she made us talk to him on phone sometimes. He became serious about marrying her and went to see my grandmother in July.

Mum travelled last week for a funeral and decided to stay there to vote before coming back.

He came to our place on Saturday to bring us some things but when he came we had moved to stay with my grandmother.

My mum was angry I didn’t tell her before going but we settled that. She gave me his contact to call him because he said he wanted to talk to me.

When I called him, he didn’t reply. After sending him a chat he told me to meet him without telling my grandmother. I didn’t understand why he told me not to tell her I was going to his place because she knows about him.

When I got there he showed me the things he bought for us. Some shoes and bags and a new phone for my brother. Then he told me I’m more beautiful than my mother and he’s got so many plans for me. Before I could think of why he was saying that, he tried to squeeze my boob.

I pushed him away and he tried to hold me but I fought him off and left. I called my mother on my way home but she didn’t want to believe me. I got home and he was telling me nonsense.

Mum called me and insulted me for going there because she didn’t send me. I showed the chats to my brother this morning who called her to tell her it’s true what the man tried to do to me. I’m disappointed that she didn’t believe me. Is that how a mother should behave towards her own daughter? What if he’d raped me?

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Written by Abena Magis

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