My Mother Is On Her Side.


Good day Aunty Abena, I believe you’re doing good. This is my wahala oo, so I’ve been with this girl for like a year and half. I really love her and I believed she did too until recent events. I’m working with a private firm in a different region and she’s a NSS personnel in a different region.

During last year elections one of her childhood friend’s dad contested and won a seat in parliament in her town where she grew up. Since then my girl changed. She was all over this boy from riding in his car, visiting tourists sites to Snapchat videos in his car and a lot more. She would barely pick my calls sometimes I don’t get to hear from her in 2 days. Also, she wouldn’t bother returning my calls either.

Between January and February was really a tough one for me as she was all I ever wanted and needed. Sometimes I find it hard to sleep because I haven’t heard from her throughout the day and wondering where she was and what she was up to. She would come update her status with pics and videos of her and the guy. I had to delete her contact to avoid seeing her posts. Honestly I didn’t know what was going on because I’m not broke sister Abena I am doing well and I help her in any way that I can.

Her birthday is in June and I have even made plans to set up a fashion designing shop for her as a part time hustle whiles she pursues whichever field she studied in school because she has a background in fashion designing as well. And that already cost me not less than 25,000ghs. It was going to be a surprise. This sudden change of her behavior was really shocking bcoz in our entire 17 months of relationship, she has never portrayed such a turn up attitude and I’ve never been with any other woman aside her.

Now the issue is the spell has been broken and for the past 1 month now she won’t let me be in peace. She wants to come back and all she could tell me was she got caught up in the moment. She talked to my mum and my mum is on her side pleading with me to let go and accept her back. My own mother oo.. she really likes her from the beginning so she’s taking sides with her. Honestly I feel belittled and neglected for that long. This is a girl that I was looking forward to tying the knot with next year. I want nothing with her but my mum feels I’m disobeying her by flouting her advice. Am I wrong to disobey my mum on this? Thank you.

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