My Mother Fights With Me Over My Male Friends and I Don’t Understand

Auntie Abena, please I’d love for you to post this for me to seek varying views from your followers please. So I live with my mom and 6 siblings. I’m a girl of 24 years of age. It’s just been me and my mom and siblings for almost 7 years now. I go the extra mile in helping my mom take care of my siblings. I’m talking of even sometimes going to Makola to sell khebab on days when I’m so broke and the hustle is just not paying off.

Now Auntie Abena there’s this thing my mom has been doing that I don’t really understand. I’m currently not seeing anyone (I’m just tired of relationship wahala and I don’t really like it when I’m broke and in a relationship). Auntie Abena anytime a male friend comes to visit me and he leaves wahala.

My mom will fight me for days simply because when I am in distress none of those male friends come to my aid. When I even cook for them as welcoming a visitor it’s worse. She’ll go like men will take advantage of me when I do that. That men are opportunists when they meet women who do these. She’ll ask how much did he leave for me (monetary) when he left. Auntie Abena it’s a whole lot oo.

Even when I explain to her that they’re just friends she doesn’t want to understand. When my grandma joins it’s worse. When I go out to spend the night with my girls after a night out I need to keep some money on me and “socket” my mum and grandma when I come home because the next rhyme will be, “ the money your husband gave you where’s my share?” Then it’s better I stay home koraa

Auntie this is is really bothering me. I mean I know some guys are opportunistic but with what my mom is doing yi dze do u think she has a point or I’m the one who’s being naive?

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Written by Abena Magis

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