My “Military” Boyfriend Has Dumped Me.


Dear Aunty Abena, some of us are using the wrong path to life’s journey. Eii Aunty Abena so love is sweet and some of us have never experienced it…

To my story, I have dated this guy close to 2yrs and with the 2yrs it was all about him. Our relationship was a military ground. He doesn’t play or talk much and when he does at his own convenient time, he expects you to enjoy it. When you need someone to talk to he’s always busy, meanwhile he’s a student.

He can stay for weeks without talking to me and if I call he’s busy. Aunty, he only calls when he needs something or when he feels like he needs to talk to avoid complaints. Aunty Abena I got used to his attitude and decided to play along since I was foolishly in love. Aunty, this guy has never spent a penny on me but vice versa I even buy him stuff worth 800gh and more. Kyerɛsɛɛ, I do more than I should oooh. It got to a time I was buying airtime weekly for him, sanaa it back to √0 work.

I tried to make him happy even if it’s my last penny I gave to him. I remember on his birthday when I couldn’t wish him at 12am he made issues out of it but on mine, he wished me at 4am thereabout. He told me to be thankful he did cus he normally wishes around 7am. I said okay and we moved. Aunty, it had been over a month since we spoke until recently he called me that he needs money and groceries. I bought them and I sent it to him on campus.

When I got there, I made him know my fears of me being insecure and me feeling less valued and used. He got angry and I had to leave. After 2 days of taking the groceries to him he called for a break up.
I was very hurt because I love him like I had no other life to live. I accepted the break up and decided to move on quietly alone.

He later called to tell me we can’t be friends and that he will block me on all social media platforms and even my number. Aunty the thing has entered my heart aaaama but I’m playing cool. Aunty he’s my first boyfriend ooooh, my first. Aww kyerɛsɛ I’m broken basaaaa.
Aunty some men won’t make it to heaven
Eeeii Aunty Abena hmmm….

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I Blocked Him For This Reason.