My Maths Teacher was a Pedophile


Good morning to all your fans out there. This is my comment on the teacher who slept with a young girl in class 5. Hmmmm I had the same experience when I was in JSS. My Jss teacher who taught us Maths and Agriculture nearly had his way. First of all, our village wasn’t having JSS but later we got it and he was part of the first batch of teachers posted to our village. The whole village accepted them.

My maths teacher became the favourite of all the parents. To cut the long story short I became one of his favourite that he usually sent me to do house chores for him. One weekend I went to do chores with my younger sis after which I pleaded with him to show one movie on TV for us. My young sis left when I was sweeping his bedroom and my teacher entered. He asked if I was still interested in watching the movie and I said yes.

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Fast forward he locked the door. Eiii my heart started beating. In my mind I start asking myself why he locked the door before I realised his prick had erected and he started drawing closer to me. He started pulling my hands and I also started shaking the broom to defend myself. I told him, “don’t come close to me.” If you touch me I will shout. I became very aggressive and he noticed if he dares I will shout for hours but this teacher refused to open the door for me. When he finally did I ran home but I couldn’t tell my mom.

My teacher shared the same compound with the lady teacher too so I don’t know if he was afraid that I will tell my mum. The Monday I went to school, the lady teacher asked me to escort her to the house. On our way she asked me what happened between sir and I. I couldn’t tell her but she began begging me to forgive him and not tell anyone. After that he hated me. Any least mistakes he will send me out of his class especially agric class.

Mr K you did well by sleeping with most of your student and some of my mates ended up fight over you. Since then I’ve never like him till I completed school. Oh I thank God for how brave I was.

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Written by Abena Magis

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