My Married Lover is Treating Me like a Slave


Thanks so much for the good works you’ve been doing. God bless you. Please I need your serious advice.

My parents died when I was young so I was living with my aunt. Because of the treatment she was giving me I left home just to make it out there myself.

Whiles working at a restaurant, I met this married man with 4 kids and we started dating. In fact he has been good to me. He takes care of my every need. He’s rented for me and has found a different job for me.

My problem is this man is so jealous that it is now making my life uncomfortable. He doesn’t allow me to go to work anymore saying there are so many guys at my work place. I can’t make calls when I am with him. I don’t dare even touch my phone otherwise he will start complaining.

If I miss this man’s call, it’s a problem so even if I’m bathing and calls I have to run and pick it up. Where he stays is about 30 munites drive to my house. Could you believe this man drives around 11 to midnight just to check if I’m home or not? Sometimes he comes around dawn hmmmm.

It’s only when I go to the salon or town to get some provisions that I get some small time for myself. Even with that, if I don’t return early he’ll start complaining. When he’s traveling for business conferences or funerals, he will take me along so that I wouldn’t go to any place whiles he’s not around.

I’ve been in this kind of life for 4 years now. When I complain, he’ll say he’s the one taking care of me so he needs to make sure I am secure and doesn’t want anyone to take me away from him. But now I am tired of this life because he’s over doing it. feel like am a slave to him.

Recently I told him that I wanna leave the relationship because I don’t like the way he’s treating me. He’s far older than me too, he’s 52 while I’m 25. I’m not getting any younger and wanna get married to a younger person and start a family. He started crying and calling me names. He said I’m ungrateful.

That he’s taken care of me for 4 years but now I wanna leave him for someone. Anytime I raise issues of such, he starts lamenting about that so I’m finding it hard to leave the relationship. He’s a BP patient too so I don’t want anything to happen to him.

I know he has been there for me but he’s a married man and I want to move on. I don’t want to marry him because my family won’t even agree and he gives me too much pressure due of his jealousness. Am I being ungrateful to him ? Please I need yur advice.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I hope you alreday know what to do! I always tell young ladies not to accept a proposal from any married man. Dating a married man is like driving a company /government car , no matter what it will never be yours. Love grows! So be careful who u accept into ur life.. u are even safe u have not been bath with urine,hot water, acid or beaten! Call for free free professional counselling on 0244243774

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