My Late Brother Inlaw’s Secret Baby Mama


Good evening. God bless you for the work you doing for us. Good evening Manofam. Please post this for me, it’s very urgent. Thank you


To my problem.

My sister’s husband passed away two weeks ago. Right away, a lady popped up claiming to be his baby mama. She said they’ve been dating for 7 years now and their son is in his 6th year.

We were all shocked since my brother inlaw was the quiet type but truth be told the child resembles him. Even my sister’s daughters also confirmed that the child looks exactly like their father.

Now the husband’s family doesn’t want to accept the child, as in they’re refusing to take responsibility since the person in question is no more.

The baby mama has given us two weeks to get back to her or she will take legal action against us. She is very ambitious and I see seriousness in her eyes.

My sister is ready to take the child in and treat him as her own since she gave birth to only girls. On the other hand too we’re scared when the boy grows up, he might take possession of everything my sister and her husband worked for.

If the lady takes legal actions against us, does she have a case??

Will her son have a portion of the properties left behind?

I can’t tell if my brother inlaw has a will or not but should in case he has a WILL without the boys name on it, is it possible they might not get anything at all?

Thanks very much
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Written by Abena Magis

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