My Landlord Is Evicting Me Because of My Love Life.


Hi Abenaa.please I want to know if I’m wrong.

So I’m in France and I’m renting a single room from a Ghanaian landlord. I have lived there for almost a year now. I pay rent of 350euros every month but when I was entering the house he took additional 350 plus a month rent making 700 and said that was a caution incase I spoil something in the house or couldn’t afford paying my next rent but that money will be given back anytime am moving out.

So about 3days now when paying my rent he told me he is given me up to June I should find another room and leave the house. I didnt ask or say anything, I called a couple of people and luckily I got another apartment which I could move in this month. I saw the owner, paid her and made the necessary arrangements.

I came back home and told him I will be moving out ending of this month but the man was like he gave me up to June so I should wait. So I asked him what if in June I am not able to find another place will I still pay rent?  I want no problem with him he should prepare my caution fee. Suprisingly he said why didnt I ask him why he was evicting me.

Abena I have dated 2 Ghanaian women in this country and it was a disaster. Can you believe its because I’m now dating a Cameroonian, so that man who isn’t my dad neither my family member is evicting me because I am not dating a Ghanaian? I don’t know if this is racism or witchcraft.

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