My Husband’s Spending Is An Issue.


Good afternoon.Mum please post this anonymous for me. I’m planning to run away from my matrimonial home after 10 months of marriage, I know divorce won’t come easy. My husband spends money as if he is drinking water.

I was fully independent when we were dating so I didn’t check his monetary issues.I got pregnant with a lot of complications and spent everything I have saved.I had to stop working till I give birth.

I’m 7 months pregnant and we haven’t bought a single diaper or baby item. His salary is 800gh and he gives me 200 which I keep some for my delivery bills and feeding, yet my husband’s 600gh will get finish before 2 weeks and I have to be giving him mine as transport and feeding.

I’m tired of talking to him about how he spends money but still no change in his attitude. I want to save the little I get from friend’s and families for my delivery and hospital bills but I can’t watch him go hungry or trek to the office.

I learnt out of love is out of sight, so I want to run away from him and take care myself. Because I feel pity and anger any time I see him. Is my decision to run away right? Please advise me. Thank you.

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