My Husband’s Sex Partner.


Dear Abena,
My husband once told me that before we met he used to date a lady who under rated his sexual prowess until he finally slept with her. After that, she kept demanding for it even in her menses. Because of that he withdrew from her life as she was making him feel that she was only with him because of sex.

For me, having sex with him is nice but sister Abena my husband’s dick is too thick and long. I’ve never been the one to think of dating guys with big dicks. So far he’s the only I’ve been with that has it so it wasn’t a criteria to be with him but I’m suffering in my marriage.

Back to my story, it’s been 2 years after we got married and we now have a little girl. All of a sudden this ex of his started calling him and he’s such a nice person that he kept entertaining her. I warned him against it but he told me that before I was, she was and since she’d never talked about their past, I can’t think for her.

Within 2 months he started complaining that I give him one way styles all the time. Missionary is the only one I can handle but he kept complaining and I made him switch to the others but I can’t take it. It’s too painful but sweet, the pain is more though. I told him to help me by not going too deep. The first time I said it, he didn’t say anything.

But last week when I said it he said his ex has never complained. I told him maybe at first since they dated 5 years ago but now he’s grown slimmer and maybe that can account for his dick being bigger. Then he said, “she took it recently and she didn’t complain.” Sister Abena I thought my ears heard him wrong but the look on his face after he said that made me know he indeed said it.

Since then he claimed it was a joke just to see my reaction because he’s getting tired of hearing me complain of his dick all the time. The worse of it all is that I chanced upon his chats with her and he was telling her what I told him and his response. She asked him why he said that because being sex mates means they should keep the truth from their partners.

Sister Abena my fiance has never told me about his ex having a boyfriend or husband. I want to find out and tell the person what she’s doing behind his back. When I confronted him about it, he told me that I’ve found what I’m looking for on his phone so I shouldn’t ask him questions.

Sister Abena, I’m tempted to walk away but the other things he told this girl made me feel like crying. Secrets about me that I only shared with him. I want to punish him in a way but don’t know how. He doesn’t care about his family because of some issues. On my side, my family keeps telling me to forgive him and pray that he changes one day. Which one day and for how many years should I pray for the change? Any advice please?

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