My Husband’s Prick is Becoming Small


I can’t enjoy doggy nowadays because my husband’s prick keeps getting smaller and we don’t know why. It started in December 2019 when he started using samsu oil because his first rounds were short. He’s a doctor and will be too tired for anything more but the one round wasn’t satisfying me too.

Fast forward to late December 2019, I realized the prick will sometimes look small and sometimes too look big. I told him but it looked normal to him. After some time he thought I was complaining too much and we stopped having sex.

It took me 3 months to get him to make love to me again so though it still looked small I didn’t complain. I love sex and those 3 months almost killed me ????

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Since then, his prick keeps on reducing and I don’t feel it when he’s inside me anymore. I used a feminine wash to make things tighter and though it was ok I’m scared of the effects of feminine washes and have stopped. I had my baby through CS so I’m still tight there.

Please put it on your platform for your people to advice me, the sex is not sweeting me anymore ????????????

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Hi, it wasn’t like that in the beginning. so, in love make him understand how you feel about it( your desire) 99% emotional support can help break the grounds, i believe he will give it a thought with or without you and begin the such for remedies.

  2. It’s strange his dick is becoming smaller instead of being a reasonable dick for u.
    Does he have pot belly ?
    Has he put on extra weight?
    Cos this wid Pot bellies and have extra weight have the dick being small and that.
    Let him hit the gym

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