My Husband’s Creditor has Seized My ATM Card


Please I am a married woman. As for me, I agreed to marry him because I love him but I can’t say same for him at least not now.

We have been married for six years now and we have 2 beautiful and adorable children. Now in these 6 years, I have taken two bank loans for him all in the bid of believing in his dreams (he runs his own business while I am a teacher) and so he keeps saying he is not eligible for loans.

Fine. I have no problem with that so I do that for him. For the records he doesn’t pay me back ooo. Yes. I am a teacher in a small village so after marriage, he rather moved in with me and went about his business until one day, he told me he had been facing spiritual attacks. That his business wasn’t moving on well so he had to move out.

After he moved out to another region, he called again one day that he needed a loan to fix his car, GHS4000.00 to be exact. I told him I can’t take anymore loans since I’m already owing the bank. Then he told me he knows someone who gives loan but I will have to guarantee for him. He didn’t tell me into details and I didn’t ask much since I trust him.

The deal was set and the loan shark took my ATM card away. He said since I am the government worker, if in 3 month’s time my husband doesn’t pay then he will start deducting the interest from my account which was going to be GHS800 monthly.

This has been my situation for the past 2 years now. I’m living like a beggar with my children; no television, no fridge in fact not even a smart phone because by the time the bank does the deduction and the man also deducts his, I’ll only have GHS20 left in my account.

I can’t call my husband to send us money because it’ll become a problem between us. Recently some people came to me including my landlord that my husband had various sums of money as loans from them (about 4 people plus my landlord).

When I asked him, he became angry for believing others over him. That he doesn’t owe those 4 men. What even worries me most is that since he left home 2 years ago till now, I don’t know where my husband sleeps ooo. The town he moved into is not far from this town yet I don’t know where he sleeps.

Whenever we have to meet, he takes me to a hotel. I keep asking him, “why a hotel? Why not where you stay?” But his excuse has always been that he stays with one of his cousin whose girlfriend lives with them so we can’t go there.

I suggested we get a room to rent there so that I and the children will move there but he says no. That he wants to finish building his house so we can use that money to help with the house. Meanwhile, a night at the hotel is from 100 to 150 per night and getting a chamber and Hall in that town is 80 cedis a month but he will not hear of it.

The loan shark is still making his deductions from my account because we still owe him GHS4000. Instead of my husband to pay him from the profits he makes from his business, he bought a car.

When I speak, he keeps threatening me with divorce. My own husband can just call me and hail insults on me and hang up ????????????????????????. I have reported him to his pastor and family but no ooo, no change please house help me.

Advise me on what to do or where to summon him to. Please no insults. I am already hurting badly.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Awwww my dear teachers re suffering oooo
    Eeeeiii 3y3 as3m oooo. U ll teach for de whole month n 20gh ll be left for u.haaah
    My dear pray to God n if possible find ur way out cox ur husband doesn’t think at all

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