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My Husband Wants His Name on the Documents


I am a Muslim women married with 3 kids. I am working but my husband is not. My problem here is, I wanted to buy a piece of land and my husband suggested that we use our first born’s name to do the document. I refused because I feel it may cause problem for the kids when we are both no more especially as they are all males.

While we were on this, he gave his name to be used on the documents initially but I didn’t complain because I bought one in my name before marrying him.

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Upon a careful thought, I told him I want my name on it rather because we are both Muslims and at any time, he could decide to marry a second wife. If properties are acquired in his name, it’ll they are his and no family or whosoever will trust or believe me if I tell them I bought it in his name so we should change it to my name.

He became very angry that I was saying I didn’t want to change it. Within a week of paying for it, he stopped talking to me. I then had to go to them to whether the information could be changed or not. I was informed that they can but it’ll be at a fee.

I agreed to pay but now I don’t know whether I’m doing the right thing or not. Please advice a sister in if I should put his name on it or not.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. you’re his only wife because he’s not working but when he start working forget it he will women who’s beautiful than you so please don’t waste time go and change the name for the betterment of your children’s future

  2. Unless he has a bad motive why would he ask you to change it into his name. Your excuse is perfect and any well meaning human will understand your reservations about this whole change of name. Please maintain your ground and do not change the name for your own good. All the best!!!

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