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My Husband Says He’s Divorcing Me for Calling My Friend

Illustration: Manofan

Eeii Manokemame! I’ve apparently gone to pull an expensive joke with this post you shared??? – the one the lady killed her husband for cheating. One of my high school classmates has been texting my husband in a very disturbing way so me I called her, we spoke- it was nothing harsh or threatening.

I later asked my husband about her and just decided to let her know through text that I’ve asked him about it and it didn’t go well. In my text, I added that if I find out there was something else (aside what she knows we spoke about) I won’t just kill my husband but will kill her too??. Oh so she called later in the evening and was telling me there’s nothing. I told her in this exact way, “oh that part was just a reference to the Manokekame post that you commented on. Nothing serious.” I laughed and told her I just got home so lemme look for my keys, get home and call her back.

I actually remembered an hour later, called her and spoke just a little and me I went to bed. Eiih! I woke up the next morning to see a warning message from her fiance of how it’s been reported to the police and how the message has been forwarded to my husband so he knows the kind of woman he’s living with???. I took it all as a joke because at least I thought the lady would at least try to explain what it was all about.

As we speak, I’m getting divorced with an unborn child ?? and it all happened so fast. Herrrhh please no one should make any comments about killing or hurting someone wai na some people have no chill. And the lady wasn’t even flirting with him. She was continously begging for money from him.

About the divorce my husband is talking about?Unfortunately, yes. At least that’s what he said. He’s so pissed. She being my classmate, I decided to tell her to ask us instead of asking him only. And this is my end????Unfortunately for me, I spoke to her on phone more. I’m waiting for my arrest or writ as we speak. But, this is hilarious ??

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Written by Abena Magis

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