My Husband Only Wants My Money


My husband asked me to give part of my salary to him so we can save together. I told him I wanted a joint account but he said no. We’re both not living together. You can say we’re separated and because of this money issue, he accused me of helping my pastor instead of him because I pay tithe and seed offering.

He also accused me of respecting my pastor more than him. My pastor doesn’t even call us or anything. I told him that we should start building a house but he said no he won’t. He is saving his so I should do the same.

There’s such a distance between us that I asked him what I should do because I didn’t know if this was what we can call marriage or what. He told me he can’t continue with the marriage so I should give him up to a month to come and divorce me because I don’t help him with money issue.

Our two kids were staying with me whiles he was. It’s been three months since he told me about the divorce. I have forgotten about him because no call, no visit nothing. Now the mother is the one calling and asking me to let my son go for a visit but I’m not ready to allow the boy. My interest in the marriage is gone and want to leave with my kids and see what God will do. Please fams what should I do? Should I allow the boy to go or please help.Thank you.

Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Sorry my sister but I don’t think divorce is the best option here. You are a Christian and you know God hates divorce. And don’t forget the vowl you guys took, “FOR BETTER, FOR WORST”. The worst here is the challenges, problems, difficulties etc. that you will face after the marriage and you guys overcoming all these challeges makes you couples. You can’t say for better for worst and be expecting only the BETTER side of it, No. The moment you use your mouth to declare that on that Happy and joyful day, get ready for that worst as well. It will surely come. About helping him, it’s not bad. You guys have become one body after marriage and so therefore need to do things as one. You help him, he helps you. That’s the game. Also about respecting your pastor more than him, I won’t say it’s true or not but it’s something common to we ladies. We do it most at times so I think it’s something he has identified so you need to work on it please. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t respect your pastor as well. Give honour to him hounor is due, so check all that. Many are the afflictions of men, but the Lord delivers them from all, that’s what the bible says. So I will encourage you to pray more about this and let God fix your marriage for you. And as you are praying, humble yourself and be submitted to your husband as well. He’s still the head as the bible says, no matter what.
    Sorry for my long post. Hahahaha

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