My Husband is Verbally Abusive


Please I need the advice of your fans. My husband and I have been married for a year now without a kid. Because of this he always made comments like ‘eeii when am I going to have my baby?” Or “I am growing oo. I should have had a kid by now,” or “My friend who got married immediately after ours, his wife has given birth oo.”

Auntie Abena, at times when I was not even feeling well and I told him he could go like “get a pregnancy kit and check if you are pregnant.” There were times I didn’t pay attention to him because all these from him made me very disturbed. I would still buy the kit and check only for it to read negative before I tell him.

Early this year I felt a little feverish so I decided to go for a malaria test which turned out negative. My health was still the same so I decided to do pregnancy test as well since my period was late for two days and immediately I checked it was positive. I thankes God for that and I told my husband about the good news. He was very happy to hear the good news and that was how my pregnancy story started.

Auntie Abena, i am now in my fourth month and I still do all the necessary responsibilities as a wife but at times my husband will go like ‘now that you are pregnant you don’t give me different sex styles anymore. Don’t let me look elsewhere when you give birth.” He even goes to the extend to say, “it seems your pussy is becoming a little big these days+ but this man will still say I’ve become tight so even during sex he has to push and push.

Because of the pregnancy most of our sex styles is doggy because that is what I feel comfortable doing and I think it’s the best for me but at times he will say now I only give him doggy and then at times he will say it’s the the best for me. I have made him know that some of his choice of words are hurtful but he always finds it offensive when I say that.

I am hurt because this was the same man who wanted children and because of that has been making so much comment as if I can’t give birth and now that I am pregnant he always says hurtful things to me by abusing me emotionally.
Please I need your advice because the happiness I got from the beginning, this man wants to ruin it all now.

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Written by Abena Magis

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