My Husband is Giving Me Pressure to Give Birth


I got married in July but a month to our wedding our counsellor advised that I taste to see first. We did for the first time and got pregnant three weeks to our wedding but two weeks after the wedding I had a miscarriage and haven’t been pregnant again.

Auntie Abena, my problem is my husband has a female friend who is so into him that she discusses everything with him(she is also married woman). She even told my husband that she doesn’t enjoy sex because she doesn’t love her husband but he pressured her to marry him. She was refusing to sleep with him until my husband advised her before she gave in.

By and by she got pregnant and she informed my husband first before he begged her to inform her husband. She’s so into my husband that when she was at ghe labour ward, she called my husband to inform him before calling her husband. My husband too made us pray for her every day until she delivered yesterday. But guess who she called my husband first? My husband before calling her own mother to inform her.

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Now my big problem is ever since she told my husband about her pregnancy experience, he’s been pressuring me to also give birth,
He always discusses anything they talk about with me and I give him advice to give her but deep down me I’m not happy about their conversations. However, I’m afraid if I confront him about it, he will stop telling me about their conversation but still listen to her.

Her back pay came and she told my husband the exact amount but did not tell hers. She always displays my husband on her status but not her husband. She shared pictures of her wedding, best men and bridesmaids were in it but she cropped her husband out of it. Her husband too isn’t ugly, I don’t feel comfortable at all.

We’re in long distance relationship and she’s in the same region with me. She is a teacher just like her husband but he lives in a different region.

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At times the way she tells everything about her husband to mine, I become afraid that mine might one day tell her about me too. She sees my husband to be perfect but we all have our weakness hmmm…..

Auntie Abena, please post for me to get advise on how to handle this because I haven’t felt OK after she informed my husband about her delivery experience and he too asked me to also get pregnant for him????????????????

Written by Abena Magis

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