My Husband is a Mummy’s Boy


Good afternoon. Thanks to you and your lovely people. I’m 27 and a beautician who owns my own shop. My problem is I’m married to a mommy’s boy. When my husband first introduced me to his mother, I didn’t like her facial expression. I asked him to tell me the truth if the mom is not ok with me so I can go my way.

Anytime I raised that topic he will tell me not to worry. That he’s the one getting married to me and not his mother. Yoo hmm. I wasn’t ok with it but since he said I should forget it, I agreed and we got married.

Before we got married, his mom called me and said since her son insists on marrying me she has nothing to say but I shouldn’t come and disturb her. That is all she can tell me and she hung up on me. I keep asking myself, disturb her how? I have three sisters in-law, my husband is the only boy they have.

Auntie Abena, my mom in-law doesn’t like me one bit. I do all I can but still she’s not ok. Hmmm at first my husband didn’t like going to church but now he goes to church with me and prays with me at home. I’m very prayerful.

Any time we go for prayers at my church and my mom in-law calls, she will be angry and say that she doesn’t like all these prayer churches and small small pastors. Eei. She wants to know everything that is going on in our marriage and my husband listens to his mother all the time. I’m wondering if I’m safe.

Do u think our marriage will last because I pray a lot too but the way his mother doesn’t like me and he listens to her more I’m scared. He tells his mom everything and because of that I’m scared our marriage won’t last. I don’t know what to do.

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. Dont loose hope
    Fast n pray, for se two n God ll intervene especially ur husband’s day he was born n in law as well.
    Deal with every bondages n free ur husband but becareful with ur not against ur inlaw n see wat happens next

  2. Hmmm, eye asem ooo. Your husband needs to grow up and break the soul ties between mother and son so, the two of you can be one as the the Bible says, other wise, it is going to get worse. Please continue praying and interceding for him…it is not easy but with God all things are possible. you can equally speak to any of your friends you believe is matured enough to understand you otherwise you will give up easily when the battle intense, but focus more on your husband than your mother -in-law. i was in the same soup you know but for me, they were all three boys and my husband happened to be the first born.. God be with you.

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