My Husband is Traveling to meet His Girlfriends


I’ve been married for almost three years. We have an almost 2 year old and I’m currently pregnant with our second.

When we got married, things were not that stable financially for my hubby. I was working then and would support him however I could without complains. Even to the point where I’ll sometimes give him money for offertory in church oooo hmmm. 

Auntie Abena, I’ve prayed and fasted for this man. Now things are gradually taking a turn but unfortunately I lost my job around the same time. Hmmmm. 

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Can you believe this man is flirting around with women? The thing too errrhhh he doesn’t flirt with Ghanaian women oooo eeiii. I chanced on a message on his phone and he was telling one of his girlfriends that I (his wife) live in the States. That we are in a ‘situationship’ (I had to google to find the meaning) and I’m not ready to move to Ghana. 

Eeiiii me that I haven’t even sat in a plane before booii333 and he’s been pressing pressing me every evening is not in Ghana?

Now the thing is, he’s traveling to the country where these women are in for “business.” I don’t want to stop him. I feel if traveling there is what will make him financially sound I’m all up for it because of the financial hardship and instability I’ve seen him go through.

My only problem Auntie Abena is how do I handle this situation? How do women in similar situations deal with men like this? I know he’s going to meet his investors and hopefully build the brand he’s aiming for. My issue is that, he’s informed his “girlfriends” about his stay there and scheduled meetings with those in that country. Sitting here like this, what are my options?

Written by Abena Magis

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