My Husband Called Me Kwasia

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Good afternoon. Please post my issue for me wai. Thank you.

My hubby and I are married with 3 kids. My husband is a good man by all standards. He doesn’t often lose his temper but when he does, he can tell me I’m very stupid, mad, foolish etc. He was beating our second son.

As a mother, I automatically intervened and told him he beats the boy too much only for him to tell me “kwasia (fool), don’t you also beat him some?”

He said this in the presence of our son. I really got angry because I’m the type that doesn’t have those insulting words in my vocabulary. I won’t even say it as a joke, and nobody has ever insulted me like that in my presence before. It hurts me a lot that my own husband can look me in the face and say all that to me.

Since then, we’ve been living like strangers in the house. It’s like he’s not even remorseful of what he did. Meanwhile I’ve told him several times that he can always make his point without necessarily adding insults to it because I don’t like that but, it seems like he doesn’t care.

I’m still hurting from all his insults and do not even want to talk to him. All I want from him is an apology and for him to never insult me again but his actions show that he doesn’t care and he has also not made an attempt to approach me. How do I handle the issue? Thanks

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Written by Abena Magis

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