My Husband Bought Me Ass Pads

Good afternoon Aunty ABENA , Anonymous Please ??About the Ass pad err, I started wearing this thing somewhere 2015 when I saw my cousin wearing it. ? Along the line I stopped and asked myself whom am I deceiving ? if a man should see me he will think I have big asset but nothing dey there ???.

When I met my husband (then my boyfriend) I told him I used to wear [them] and he asked why I stopped. I told him I didn’t want to fake having bombom whiles I don’t have?. I was there one day when he came home with about 3 types of ass pad telling me to feel free and wear it for him ?that he doesn’t mind at all. So now am in full business lol but the thing makes me look good in dresses chai.

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Written by Abena Magis

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