My Husband Beat Me Up Because of Food


Just yesterday, my husband man beat me eehh but I also made sure I fought back. Why? I was cooking 3-4 different meals at the same time and the counter of the kitchen was full with ingredients and stuff. This man came and said the kitchen is dirty.

I was like where is it dirty? Is it not food that’s on the counter? He was about to remove the stuff away on the counter and i tried to stop him by telling him I had not finished cooking. If I had finished cooking and had left things scattered around then he’d have a point. Hmmm.

That was it he started fighting me, punching me on the head and back. Hmm. My family is putting all the blame on me because he told them a different story. I’m going crazy. I’m very depressed. There’s so much anger in me but for the sake of my son I will survive and stay alive for him. Hmmm.

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Written by Abena Magis

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