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My Guy’s Parents Rejected Me During the Introduction

Aunt Abena I want to also share my story about how my guy’s parents rejected me during the introduction.

We’ve been together for 5 years by this June. In our second year, I asked when we should introduce ourselves to the other’s parents but he told me to exercise patience because he wanted to be ready financially so that we make it official. I told him he doesn’t need to make the first meeting official but he kept telling me he’s not joking about marrying me so I should wait.

In our third year, we almost broke up because he said I was focusing too much on the wedding and pressuring him to visit my parents. I apologized and promised not to pressure him but wait for him to get ready. 2020, he got a good job which makes him travel a lot. I caught him one day with another lady but he came with his best friend to beg for forgiveness. I considered our years together and accepted him back.

He promised to see my parents but kept postponing it complaining of his busy schedules. Then in November, I told him if we don’t do any introduction by 31st December, he should forget about me. Finally on 4th November, he came to meet my parents and they asked him why he’s kept long but he gave them a good excuse and promised that by ending of this year we will be married.

We went to visit his parents on 4th December and his father asked me how long I have been with his son. I told him more than 4 years. Then he asked me if I’ve ever met them before and I said no. He asked me if I’ve ever talked with him on phone before and I told him no because his son didn’t like it. Then his mother said any lady from a proper home would have forced him to take me there. That every good girl is supposed to cook, clean and do things for the guy’s parents to know their son is in good hands. Since I didn’t do any of those, she doesn’t think I’m the right person for him.

This guy told the mom not to say that but she told him to keep quiet because she raised him to do better than that. Now that I know his parent’s house, I’ve been going there, the father receives me well but his mother says I’m only doing it because she told me. That she doesn’t like pretenders. I’ve been saying everything to let her know my side but she’s not interested. Sometimes when I go there, she doesn’t come out but will send me a WhatsApp with what she wants me to do. I’m feeling very frustrated because my boyfriend isn’t really doing anything to help me. I really don’t know if this relationship is worth it and I need advice.

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Written by Abena Magis

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