My Godfather, My Sponsor


I am in a deep mess. I feel guilty and ashamed. Please I need advice. When I was in secondary first year, I was a day student and staying with my aunty. I always walked from home to school which was about 1hour:15m and walked back home.

One-day on my way to school, I met a man and his driver and they gave me a lift. He asked a few questions about myself which I answered. He gave me a check of GHS4000 to cash out. Eiii I couldn’t believe it. Was I dreaming or what? I called my mum because my aunt wasn’t treating me well and informed her.

Fast forward I became a boarder. We tried to call his number to thank him but his number was off for weeks. My mum kept calling until she got in touch with him which he told us he was out of the country. This man since then has been our destiny changer and someone I call my Godfather. He’s moved us to a very beautiful apartment and always gives us monthly allowance for our upkeep and pays my fees.

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One of my female cousins asked us how come things have suddenly changed for us and my mum told her the Angel in our lives. My cousin told me to let this man know I’ve a cousin who has completed university but not working. I told him and within 3 months he got her a job at Airport.

She then told my mum to tell my Godfather that she has no boyfriend and would like to go out with him. I was very happy when I heard she wanted to date him. Just last week my Godfather’s driver came to my school, I thought he’d brought me provisions but he said My Godfather wanted to see me. I went for school Exeat and he drove me straight to a very beautiful house at Spintex.

I met a few people working in the house and the driver took me to another hall upstairs. He switched on the television and air conditioning and left. I was served soft drinks with cakes by one woman there. A few minutes later, my Godfather came and told me that’s where he lives. That his wife was visiting their kids abroad.

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He asked me my worries and I told him I’m fine. Then he told me how much he loves me. He bathed with me, kissed me, sucked my breast and used his tongue in my vagina. I told him about my cousin but he said no that he loves me. He broke my virginity in his room.

I spent 3 days in his house and I started feeling uncomfortable, my temperature kept on rising because of the numerous sex so he called for a nurse to attend to me. She told him I will be fine. The nurse said “Prof, your daughter has no malaria and her blood level is ok.”

My Godfather told me it’s because it’s my first time experiencing sex, that’s why and I will be fine. I got back to school early Monday morning by his driver. He bought me a new phone and calls me every morning, after school, after dinning and before I sleep. He’s always talking about how he has missed me.

Just this Friday, his driver brought me money and a passport and he has changed my surname to his surname. I called him about the passport and he told me that it’s for us to travel easily. I can’t study now as I’ve been wondering what this man sees in me?

I’m just 18 years. How can I face my mum and my cousin? Does this man truly love me? I’m afraid that when I bath with my colleagues maybe they might see that someone has slept with me. What he did to me in his room has also given me nightmares, my whole world has turned upside. I feel empty auntie. A lot is going through my mind. He’s 56 years.

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Written by Abena Magis

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