My Girl’s Ex Has Tapped Her Phone


I trust you’re doing great. Please I have an urgent issue I need answers to.

My girlfriend’s ex has tapped her phone and listens to all her calls including whatsapp chats. He can even send screenshots of the messages to my girl as evidence when she tries to deny anything. This man is not even in ghana so it’s very surprising how he did this.

The issue is that, he’s refusing to accept the break up and move on as my lady has done. She is just 27 years while the man is 55+ getting to 60 years. They were together for about 5 years and broke up before I started dating her around February last year. But the man has refused to accept the break up claiming until he agrees to it, the lady can’t leave. He suspected her of dating again which is why he tapped her line to get evidence to use against her about his claim.

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Now she is even scared to talk to me on phone or chat on WhatsApp. Her family knows him because he has been spending on them even without her knowledge. He gives money to her family and spends on them so he feels like she is his property. Because of the money her family gets from this man, they’re not willing to see him leave this man.

Just last night, she was in tears begging me to confirm that nothing happened between us when I visited her last week Saturday and what I discussed with her because he got to know of my visit and queried the lady about it in a conference call.

He has bribed his way through around the lady by influencing her friends who feed him with information. It has really affected my girl’s health and state of mind.

Please is there any law that protects citizens from such issue or any law enforcement agency I can contact? Is there any lawyer on this page who can assist please?

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Written by Abena Magis

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  1. I would like to help in with my IT or if not let her change her phone and to make her parents know that, she’s not ready to with the old man ….. I would like for us to chat more on WhatsApp….+233547954927

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