My Girlfriend’s Husband Caught Us Having Sex


I’m Ransford though most people know me by a different name. I’m very confused and need the thoughts and opinions and advice from my fellow Manofans because I’m confused. We’re confused please.

She told me she was going out with someone but the guy doesn’t give her that much attention and the last time she saw him was last year. I work on contract basis and waiting for my contract to be renewed, always having time for her drew us closer. We met online and within a week we’d met at my place. She’s slim thick with some big ass and big eyes that makes me melt when I see her. Her body is fire and my water quenches it every time.

The first time she came to my place, she didn’t stay for long because I stay with my Jr Bro. We vibed after that because I thought I’d lost her and she told me to visit her at home. The first time I went, nothing happened though she cooked and fed me like I’m her baby. The second time I was prepared for anything but she was more prepared than I. I was eating her and she was making noise that I didn’t hear any door opening.

She pushed me aside, I was looking at her in confusion and saw a guy (military man) watching us. She begged me to leave and the man didn’t do anything when I was leaving. I was very confused and kept calling her for 3 days, number cannot be reached until I finally called and it rang. She picked and I asked her why she didn’t tell me her guy was coming.

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Then she told me that’s her husband who came home without telling her. I was shocked because she’d never told me she’s married and he’s a military guy. That guy I saw in her room was very big and can break me into 2 with her hands. What’s confusing me is she said the husband didn’t allow her to say anything and is doing everything normal. She sleeps with her eyes open because he has a gun and she’s scared he’ll try to kill her in her sleep.

He still provides for her like normal but this isn’t normal. She begged him to let her tell her parents to beg him on her behalf but he told her there’s nothing to beg him for and doesn’t want anyone to hear of it. This happened last month and she’s thinking too much. These stories of men killing their wives has made me very scared for her. She doesn’t want to leave him too. Any advice?

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Written by Abena Magis

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