My Girlfriend’s Dad Wants to Sleep with Her


I’m 23 and my girlfriend is 25 years old, she’ll be 26 next month. She lived and schooled outside for some years but came back when her mother fell seriously sick, she hasn’t gone back since then. I came into her life last year and she can attest that I’ve been her backbone because the family used to be very rich but things aren’t the same now so it’s like friends and family have kinda abandoned them.

I don’t have much since I’m still working and schooling at the same time but the little I can do to help I do. She’s been finding it tough getting a job but she’s a hustler, selling clothes, catering for parties, organizing events anything that can bring her something at the end of the day. It’s still not easy because sometimes she can run into debts but any little she makes goes into her mum’s health care now.

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She called me two weeks ago crying that her father was being wicked to her. She didn’t want to tell me and I had to travel all the way from Akosombo around 10pm to see her. She said she called her father (biological not step) to send her some money because she’d gotten a catering order and the deposit wasn’t enough for the quantity she had to cook. After she told her dad expecting to hear something good, he told her that he can give it to her but he’s very lonely and needs to see her boobs and thighs first. She thought he was joking and didn’t send it, he refused to send the money. I didn’t have anything on me that time and left back to Akosombo around 5am.

Then last week Friday, her mother was rushed to the hospital due to some complications, my woman had to drop everything and go there. Between us we paid about GHS2000 but the bills and medicine still keep piling up. I was the one who convinced her to call her father (please her parents are still married though he married again there but the second wife died some years ago). She called him and he said he wants them to do phone sex.

When she told me I wanted her to call him because I wanted to blast him but she said no, she doesn’t want any problems. I’ve asked for a loan to help her with the bills. As for the catering order, she couldn’t do it and has to pay back the money which is another story. What I want to ask is that, is there a way to get her father to do his responsibilities towards his own wife instead of asking his daughter for phone sex? She has no family to go to, they’ll only come after her mom dies. Thank you.

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Written by Abena Magis

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