My Girlfriend’s Boss Raped Her


My girlfriend was raped by her Boss in September 2020 and I just found out. I am in a very terrible mental shape writing you this but I have summoned my last strength because maybe this will save another girl from the same fate and also maybe we can get some legal justice through your fans.

My girlfriend comes from a poor home; dad works a government job but doesn’t earn much and the mum has stopped her chop bar operation to be a prophetess for her church full time, it doesn’t pay.My girl doesn’t have her own room and sleeps on the floor with the hall with the rest of the siblings. They only had a working WC in their house last year.

Things are so bad and the Dad who earns doesn’t really provide enough money for my girl.
When I met my girlfriend she was 18 years and in an abusive relationship with an ultra jealous man of 29 years. This was all because the guy provided a sleeping place in a rented room for her and she was working not far from where he stays. When she left that abusive relationship she met me and I have been like God’s blessing in her life.

I supported her, paid for her remedial schooling, supported her elder brother with a job in Kumasi and rented a room for him. Her parents weren’t having good phones so I bought them Android smartphones. In short I have been good to her family and her.

During her 3 months remedial studies at an educational institute I supported her with an additional GHS1,100 to pay her fees and an additional GHS250 every month as pocket money with books and provisions as well.
Her Dad gave her only GHS50 for the whole 3 months with the lazy excuse that he didn’t want to spoil her by giving her too much money. In actual fact the Dad is a casual drunkard who can’t manage his paycheck of about GHS900 a month.

Now three things to take note of:
1) For over 2 years my girl’s mum did not talk to her because some other prophetess had told her that her daughter was a witch sent to destroy her. My girl was 11 years and in class 6 at the time.

2) When my girl was 13 years she was raped by her friend’s Dad who is a fire service officer but she couldn’t say anything because she knew she would only be beaten and not believed.

3) When I came into her life, her first boyfriend was trying to get into her life and when he realized he had lost her, the abusive ultra jealous boyfriend went and fabricated a lot of disturbing stories to her parents. You see her mom thought my girl was still a virgin and staying in town with a female work colleague.
The ex-boyfriend was seeking to drive me away from her but it didn’t work. My girlfriend is very good with money and very hard working too and I think too humble and sometimes naive in ways that goes against her.

Now fast forward, I secured her a job in Accra and so she moved from her region to Accra and started work but then working conditions were poor and she closed so late that we both feared for her life. She quit after 2 months with my approval. Initially she was staying with her school mother but when she quit the job she had to leave the place she was perching. I had to find her another job, it was difficult but eventually I found another one for her.

This was a good one but over time there was a theft case by a senior employee so the work roles changed and the owner himself started supervising them on a day by day basis: no breaks, they closed late and, suffered deductions if they arrived late or lost money. It wasn’t the best but she persevered for 4 months till one day she fell ill and the boss verbally abused her in a way that made her feel so humiliated that she quit. At that point I was on the job of finding another job for her.

Before I continue, I will like to say she was working here in Accra away from home as she wanted to save enough for University because she knew her parents would not give her much.
Also living conditions at home were so bad that she was willing to endure all her work troubles in Accra.

Now I’ve come to where she met her evil boss. Let’s call him Mr. X. Now Mr. X, is not fully Ghanaian, he works in the entertainment industry; has a few businesses, cars and houses and can be described as a rich man.

My girl met him when she was working at her recent job that she quit and they became acquainted through that. On the day she stopped going to work, Mr. X got her number and offered her a work role. In short that work role evolved to her being his personal chef and his house hold manager. It didn’t pay so much, just about GHS500 a month but my girl preferred this than the alternative of being idle at home.

Unfortunately this was at a point when my own business was facing a lot of financial challenges. I try not be the jealous boyfriend type, I am extremely understanding BUT I never really felt comfortable in my spirit with her associating with Mr. X. Something about him just didn’t sit right with me. He was very good to her initially, bought her a new phone and was going to buy her one on her birthday, a new dress too. He donated generously to her mum’s church and gave the family some money in general.

All this while my girl was living in an apartment I jointed rented for her. When her rent finally ran out and tertiary institutions postponed their reopenings to January; Mr. X had my girl move to stay in one of the empty rooms in the house.
Mind you, Mr. X has about 3 other girls from age 18 to 25 living at home with him. Eventually he sent two away and it was left with a girl who is his PA and my girl. I became very uncomfortable with this arrangement but my girlfriend fully assured me that she was safe and the man had never tried anything on her before. One other thing that made me uncomfortable was her room door had no locks. And also she found out Mr. X was sleeping with his PA. He is married with kids mind you.

Theb September 2020, on a noisy evening with people including his own kids at home, he went into my girlfriend’s room and forced himself on her. He did not use protection.
My girl got pregnant for him.
He told her he wants to keep her for himself and she’s sweeter than the other girls so she should keep the baby.
She refused and he gave her some abortion pills to take.
She had the abortion and tested for STDs.
She was negative all in all.

But because of Mr. X’s relationship with her parents, I am very sure the financial situation at home and her quest to save enough for school made her confused so she didn’t know what to do.

I was away due to business for about 3 weeks and did not see her for those 3 weeks though we would call and video call. That’s how she was able to hide her trauma from me.

Late last night by some divine circumstances I got a chance to go through her phone.
And you see I have a gift for unearthing the hidden. It’s essentially hard to keep something hidden from me. So I came across an old chat between her and a friend; and she was narrating the whole trauma to her and asking for advice on whether to report it or not.

Auntie Abena I am in deep pain and feeling so broken at the moment. Why? Because I am a super supportive boyfriend. Yes Covid and a few things affected my cash flows in the first quarter 2020 but it picked up in June and I have been supporting her since then. You see at a point I wanted her to forget the Accra hustling and come back home where I was, hoping to provide her with working capital to buy and sell as she waits for school.

For her fees I was willing to pay completely everything or add to her own savings of about GHS3,000 after working and saving for 2 and half years. She was so afraid and ashamed and confused at the time because this was someone she admired and respected in a way that the rape was like a shocking bad dream for her. She also feared I would break up with her if I found out.

My girlfriend still chose to stay on a whole 6 weeks under the same roof with her rapist because she wanted to earn her last paycheck and also she was drowning in Stockholm syndrome with a twist of victim blaming. Honestly I don’t think we will ever be the same again. I just don’t know what the future holds for us.

She knows two other girls ready to also share a similar experience and she has chat receipts between her and the rapist when the thing happened. That’s why I am sharing this anonymously because I need help to bring this evil man to justice BUT I don’t know where to start.

So please ManoFans reading this long post, if you are a lawyer, a police officer, a social justice advocate or a journalist or any one who can help legally bring this person to justice while keeping the victim anonymous please share your details with Auntie Abena and I will be in touch.
Thank you.

All help is welcome.

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Written by Abena Magis

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